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1. Oil pump. Crankshaft, Big end bearings, Main bearings. Thrust bearings, Timing gears. Chains and tensioners, Cam shaft and cam shaft followers, Tappet gear, Valves and valve guides. Pistons. Gudgeon pins, Con rods, Piston rings. Cylinder head, Distributor drive, Oil seals. Gaskets, Clutch when affected by oil leaks. But in respect of front wheel drive cars, external couplings, drive shafts, half shafts, live axles, oil seals, included together with consequent damage including brake contamination but excluding burnt or worn out clutches.


2. All internal components including-Main shaft, Lay gear, All gears, Syncro-hub assemblies, Baulk rings, Needle rollers Bearings, Oil seals, Gaskets including complete mechanical coverage of internal failure to overdrive limits but excluding all external linkage.


3 Auto clutch, Bands. Valve block. Pumps. Oil seals. Gaskets. Governor valve, Speedo drive, Torque converter, but excluding all external linkage


4. Internal components m all types of drive axle including Crown wheel and Pinion, Half shafts (internal bearings). Gaskets, Oil seals.


5 Water pump, head gasket, thermostat and thermostat housing, radiator, ELECTRICS Starter motor, dynamo/alternator CLUTCH Failure of the clutch plate, clutch cover and thrust bearing including oil contamination of the clutch plate

Parts and Labour

50% to be paid by customers .

50% to be paid by The Seller

Work to be carried out by The Seller, or their agents, and it is the responsibility of the customer to get the vehicle to the agents

The guarantee becomes void if the vehicle is not serviced at the correct intervals by The seller, or their appointed agents, and if it is found that any other outside persons or bodies have tampered in any way with the components covered under the terms of the guarantee, if any work or servicing is carried out within the terms of this guarantee the customer must pay his/her proportion of the cost before the vehicle is released back to them.

This guarantee covers cars or light commercials only. In no event does the warranty cover any vehicle used tor motor sports or trials, self drive hire, hackney carriages, or driving school cars.

I the undersigned accept the terms of the guarantee as laid out in the above schedule, and I have signed the check list for the pre-delivery inspection and satisfaction note.

*We sell these warranties at cost price and they are there for the benefit of the customer. We offer a free standard warranty but extended warranties are available if requested.